What is Transforming Cellular Memory Healing with Cathy?

May 10, 2022

What is Transforming Cellular Memory Healing? I have been asked this question for years and after 13 years of delving deep into this process of self-transformation my answer appears to be different each time depending on whom I am speaking to. I have come to understand lately that it is because this healing work is an experience and difficult to define with the intellect as it is a fully feeling process that heals us and takes us deeper in to ourselves and ultimately deeper into the highest form of love there is. Through many years experience with my teacher Don Hanson, who has pioneered this work, I have come to see that we hold so much more in our bodies than we can ever fathom with our minds. I am literally amazed in every session and workshop I have ever taken or hosted just how much we absorb & accumulate in our life time; cultural conditioning, religious dogma and belief systems, world mind and family history just to name a few! Its no surprise that we are shaped by our experiences in life, this is truly wonderful and gives each of us a unique story to tell. 
Yet not all of what we have experienced has brought us to the truth and realization of who we really are. Much of our experience has been unconscious and lead us further away from ourselves, leaving us unsatisfied, disconnected and yearning for something more. Our minds have taken over and become so busy, noisy and stressed and our bodies suffer pain, discomfort and maybe even serious illness. So what can we do to create a feeling of fulfillment, connection and love in our life in every moment or is it even possible? The answer is YES! But it takes time and dedicated spiritual work on oneself to clear our history. There is no quick fix but the journey is the most exciting thing I have ever felt and I wouldn’t wish it any other way. As Don Hanson says, “We are here to experience it all!” 
When I work with people; individually, couples or in groups, I arrive at each session without an agenda or even a plan. My job is to get out of the way and let a powerful energy come through and work its magic. This is spiritual energy, which I have learned to channel; it is Universal Intelligence and it is pure love. As the energy starts to work we can move into a very altered state, a receptive state where we are called upon to let go and trust. Fears start to unlock and transform, old patterns of behavior are exposed, bad habits drop effortlessly, negative states of mind are banished as limited ways of thinking can no longer survive in the psyche with this much love coming into a persons body. Sometimes it is confronting, challenging and even uncomfortable as resistances and the ego meet the light of boundless consciousness- and that’s usually moments before a giant break through! 
There have been times over the years that I have felt totally out of control and stretched by this process, (and as you know I am a yoga teacher so I know a lot about stretching!). I have wanted to run away, hide, rebel, cry and scream…oh and just for the record I have done all of that! I believe this is what Eckhart Tolle calls the “Pain Body” and we have the choice to live with it or transform it. I have faced a lot of loss, pain and emptiness at times and now with the benefit of hindsight and experience I can see that these were all invitations and knocks on the door from the Divine Intelligence, maybe you care to call that God, Nature or Source its all the same to me. 
Life goes by really fast when we are living unconsciously but we can slow it right down when we are present, fully experiencing each moment and savoring what it is offering us. I think this is living bravely with an open heart. When we do this together we can create a new reality…so I have decided to work with my many friends around the world to work towards creating a reality of Love!  And if you have made that decision too I want to connect with you and join forces! 

With much love, 

Cathy Pearson

***Cathy is currently in Dublin Ireland, when not here teaching and holding session she can be found working and quite often lazing on a beach in Thailand and beyond. ***

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