5 day Retreat with Cathy Pearson

Winter 2025, Exact dates to be released soon
The Sanctuary, Thailand

This is my favourite place in the world to come and teach this 5 day retreat into Light! My 2nd home The Sanctuary, Had Tien, Koh Phangan Thailand where I have lived & worked part time for over 18 years. For many years I have taught and facilitated this work in Had Tien as part of the Tea Temple Team (Sanctuary Healing Centre). For more info on me and this work see here.

In this retreat you will enter a magical and powerful process of deep purification. I work with a transmission of Energy or Light, from the heart of the Universe. When we evoke this Light in our circle It begins to work on each individual and the group at large both independently and simultaneously unlocking our bodies from anxiety, fear based belief systems, cultural conditioning, sexual & non-sexual trauma & abuse and unconscious behaviour & thought patterns & more. From our family & country of origin we absorb so much, this can remain unconscious for many throughout an entire lifetime as we really do not know all that the body holds until we have felt it let go and transform.

The purpose of this work is always to get back to love, realise our true nature as beings made of love and to feel the deepest connection with Spirit. After working in this way for some time and with commitment, our deepest purpose is revealed to us and our lives get more “on track”. This is a process of sacred alignment for serious spiritual seekers and practitioners who like having fun.

I truly believe at the heart of all deep work is laughter and fun. Joy is our birthright and anything shrouding that must be and will be transformed. This work can be a lot of fun; maintaining a sense of humour is the quickest way to unlock Truth.

This process will support and deepen any practice, from healing, yoga, martial arts, energy work, parenting, relationships and more.

Our retreat will start at 4-7pm On the first day , each day following that will be from 10am-12:30pm and then again from 3-6pm.


Accommodation is not included in the retreat price. Accommodation of all prices and levels can be booked directly with The Sanctuary. There is a wide variety of options for all budgets from dorm beds to deluxe jungle mansions.

Getting There

Please check with your country of origin as to your Thai Visa requirements. Most, but not all nationalities can acquire a free 30 day visa on entry. For details on finding the Sanctuary see here.


22,000 Thai baht or €575.00 (€100 of which is a non-refundable booking fee).

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Cancellation Policy

If after full payment a cancellation is made less than 14 days before the retreat commences, payment will be refunded only if we can fill your place with another person on a wait list. If a cancellation of booking is made before 14 days of commencement of course and refund will be granted less €100 to cover admin costs. Very unusual circumstances, like illness or family bereavement will be considered compassionately for a full refund regardless of time allowed.

Waiver: By registering for this retreat, you agree that you are taking responsibility for your own mental & physical health and that there is no known medical reason why you should not attend this retreat.

***By participating in this retreat you will be requested to abstain from all alcohol and intoxicants for the entire duration of our time together; this is for your benefit entirely and to respect the energy dynamic of the group.***


Cathy Pearson

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