Sacred energy is accessible to us all

May 10, 2022

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To really experience sacred energy (and we all can), we are required to step into great vulnerability within ourselves. Vulnerability is a theme that can be explored throughout our entire life time; without it there is no light, no breakthroughs, no connection and ultimately no room for love to grow and deepen. Often in our world it is misunderstood as weakness but this could not be further from the truth, it is our greatest strength, both mine and yours. 
Last night I had the great gift of being spoken to from a place of power and honesty by someone I love dearly. At first I felt like I was under attack, practice and experience has now shown me that it was the ego or my conditioning that was being addressed, light, sacred energy was being offered to me in that moment. The only option was to make myself vulnerable, listen, take it all in and FEEL. Inside I rebelled, I quietly screamed, I wanted to run away, push away and react. The glorious thing is that after years of being in the spiritual process of Transforming Cellular Memory I was thankfully quick to observe these as mere reactions and not make them too real with my mind. I let the energy in, because it was love, not the romantic love but the powerful love of someone speaking to me because they wanted to feel connection with me and ultimately with themselves. Sometimes we have to cut through the yuck to get to this connection and that was what was happening. By taking in this love and making myself vulnerable in the process I could feel the layers of conditioning literally burn off me and transform my cells, this is how the light works. Let it in and it will heal, resist and the pain and the old behavior patterns will persist. The insights and revelations that followed for the next 24 hrs have taken me to write this piece. I am so grateful for having people around me who only support my light and their own. People who are powerfully vulnerable and open, who do not deflect, project and react but rather take ownership of all their feelings and ask the same of me. People who listen to my wisdom because they can FEEL it and address with me when they feel something else. 
I recently held a TCM group in Dublin with 20 beautiful people who shared and claimed their own life’s miracle but the magic really happened because we were all really willing to get vulnerable with each other. Pure power was unleashed and divine energy filled us all up as a result. 

My next TCM group will be on Friday 4th September 7.30-10pm at Oscailt Healing Centre Pembroke Rd. For bookings please email me at