What is Transforming Cellular Memory Healing with Cathy?

What is Transforming Cellular Memory Healing? I have been asked this question for years and after 13 years of delving deep into this process of self-transformation my answer appears to be different each time depending on whom I am speaking to. I have come to understand lately that it is because this healing work is an experience and difficult to define with the intellect as it is a fully feeling process that heals us and takes us deeper in to ourselves and ultimately deeper into the highest form of love there is. Through many years experience with my teacher Don Hanson, who has pioneered this work, I have come to see that we hold so much more in our bodies than we can ever fathom with our minds. I am literally amazed in every session and workshop I have ever taken or hosted just how much we absorb & accumulate in our life time; cultural conditioning, religious dogma and belief systems, world mind and family history just to name a few! Its no surprise that we are shaped by our experiences in life, this is truly wonderful and gives each of us a unique story to tell. 
Yet not all of what we have experienced has brought us to the truth and realization of who we really are. Much of our experience has been unconscious and lead us further away from ourselves, leaving us unsatisfied, disconnected and yearning for something more. Our minds have taken over and become so busy, noisy and stressed and our bodies suffer pain, discomfort and maybe even serious illness. So what can we do to create a feeling of fulfillment, connection and love in our life in every moment or is it even possible? The answer is YES! But it takes time and dedicated spiritual work on oneself to clear our history. There is no quick fix but the journey is the most exciting thing I have ever felt and I wouldn’t wish it any other way. As Don Hanson says, “We are here to experience it all!” 
When I work with people; individually, couples or in groups, I arrive at each session without an agenda or even a plan. My job is to get out of the way and let a powerful energy come through and work its magic. This is spiritual energy, which I have learned to channel; it is Universal Intelligence and it is pure love. As the energy starts to work we can move into a very altered state, a receptive state where we are called upon to let go and trust. Fears start to unlock and transform, old patterns of behavior are exposed, bad habits drop effortlessly, negative states of mind are banished as limited ways of thinking can no longer survive in the psyche with this much love coming into a persons body. Sometimes it is confronting, challenging and even uncomfortable as resistances and the ego meet the light of boundless consciousness- and that’s usually moments before a giant break through! 
There have been times over the years that I have felt totally out of control and stretched by this process, (and as you know I am a yoga teacher so I know a lot about stretching!). I have wanted to run away, hide, rebel, cry and scream…oh and just for the record I have done all of that! I believe this is what Eckhart Tolle calls the “Pain Body” and we have the choice to live with it or transform it. I have faced a lot of loss, pain and emptiness at times and now with the benefit of hindsight and experience I can see that these were all invitations and knocks on the door from the Divine Intelligence, maybe you care to call that God, Nature or Source its all the same to me. 
Life goes by really fast when we are living unconsciously but we can slow it right down when we are present, fully experiencing each moment and savoring what it is offering us. I think this is living bravely with an open heart. When we do this together we can create a new reality…so I have decided to work with my many friends around the world to work towards creating a reality of Love!  And if you have made that decision too I want to connect with you and join forces! 

With much love, 

Cathy Pearson

***Cathy is currently in Dublin Ireland, when not here teaching and holding session she can be found working and quite often lazing on a beach in Thailand and beyond. ***

If you wish to arrange a session with Cathy please contact her now, it can be done by Skype any where in the world or in person. 

Email Cathy at info@yogadeep.com and check out www.yogadeep.com 

Sacred energy is accessible to us all

To really experience sacred energy (and we all can), we are required to step into great vulnerability within ourselves. Vulnerability is a theme that can be explored throughout our entire life time; without it there is no light, no breakthroughs, no connection and ultimately no room for love to grow and deepen. Often in our world it is misunderstood as weakness but this could not be further from the truth, it is our greatest strength, both mine and yours. 
Last night I had the great gift of being spoken to from a place of power and honesty by someone I love dearly. At first I felt like I was under attack, practice and experience has now shown me that it was the ego or my conditioning that was being addressed, light, sacred energy was being offered to me in that moment. The only option was to make myself vulnerable, listen, take it all in and FEEL. Inside I rebelled, I quietly screamed, I wanted to run away, push away and react. The glorious thing is that after years of being in the spiritual process of Transforming Cellular Memory I was thankfully quick to observe these as mere reactions and not make them too real with my mind. I let the energy in, because it was love, not the romantic love but the powerful love of someone speaking to me because they wanted to feel connection with me and ultimately with themselves. Sometimes we have to cut through the yuck to get to this connection and that was what was happening. By taking in this love and making myself vulnerable in the process I could feel the layers of conditioning literally burn off me and transform my cells, this is how the light works. Let it in and it will heal, resist and the pain and the old behavior patterns will persist. The insights and revelations that followed for the next 24 hrs have taken me to write this piece. I am so grateful for having people around me who only support my light and their own. People who are powerfully vulnerable and open, who do not deflect, project and react but rather take ownership of all their feelings and ask the same of me. People who listen to my wisdom because they can FEEL it and address with me when they feel something else. 
I recently held a TCM group in Dublin with 20 beautiful people who shared and claimed their own life’s miracle but the magic really happened because we were all really willing to get vulnerable with each other. Pure power was unleashed and divine energy filled us all up as a result. 

My next TCM group will be on Friday 4th September 7.30-10pm at Oscailt Healing Centre Pembroke Rd. For bookings please email me at info@yogadeep.com

‘Disconnection, focusing on the external…what’s it all about anyway? And why we need reminders to stay connected…’

This blog has sprung out of having a really uncomfortable last two days. I’ll be honest, I haven’t felt that rough in a long time and I managed to find a lot of things to pin that on: the cold dull weather here in Ireland after a glorious half year in Asia (and recent week in Ibiza), not working enough, wanting to earn more money, thinking about the imminent change ahead of me with a baby due in September, missing loved ones…the list was extensive. The result was I felt really disconnected and by that I mean I just couldn’t feel my natural state (the one we all have) of joy, gratitude and excitement. It’s a bad habit, we all do it from time to time many of us do it all the time without even knowing it and that’s “placing our focus on the external” or “looking outside of ourselves for fulfillment”.
There are so many ways to disconnect our selves; focusing externally on getting just the right house, job or even country to live in. Finding the perfect relationship, losing weight, putting on more weight, looking younger, looking older, having straight hair, having no hair, meeting the “right” influential people…its a crazy making list that goes on endlessly!

This is a big, bad, dirty, horrible, unconscious habit to break and we all seem to have it to varying degrees. Many people live in this state perpetually. Just look around the shopping streets at the weekend for evidence of that or a regular night club on a Saturday evening! Those of us that drag ourselves kicking and screaming on to the spiritual path eventually start to make a dint in this deeply entrenched behavior pattern until we eventually heal it altogether. Until we start to recognize our own natural state of joy, gratitude and excitement we don’t really know what it is to feel that kind of connection to ourselves, to our Light, which is really our divine nature. So we traipse around feeling up and down constantly from day today without ever really knowing any sense of consistency, balance, peace or security.

All Spiritual traditions point to this often in lofty terms difficult to understand. I am doing my best to simplify my understanding of this and share it here. What if we were to embrace the disconnection? Give it a big warm hug. It’s not who we are after all. Would that transform it and empower us at the same time? In my experience this morning on my yoga mat it did. I was suddenly reminded that this heavy disconnected feeling was, like all others, going to pass on through as soon as I stopped making it real with my mind. I stopped looking outward to the future, to other people and to pushing myself forward to gain “more”. And I channeled all that energy in the opposite direction. I started looking inward and downward into my center and I felt a gentle sweet dissolving feeling of relief…ahhhh yes…I am back, phew it felt so nasty & real for a while, what a reminder! (Thankfully I have a great teacher who taught me how to channel that energy inward as nobody ever taught me growing up.)

We all need reminders to stay connected. My chosen reminders are the conscious inspiring people I have found in my life, my yoga practice and my relationship with Great Spirit who I love to talk to directly and out loud, it brings me back every time. There are other reminders too; perhaps finding a quiet space for a few minutes and listening to your breath and its rhythm, dancing, spending time in nature or with animals, take time each day to offer gratitude for all that you have, whatever it is you choose as your reminder, remember to make time for it everyday!

I feel connected again & clear and grateful for the reminder! My excitement is back too, especially about the baby boy Luca and I are due to have in September.

From Cathy Pearson
June 2015

*** If you want to learn how to channel your energy inward and move through & heal disconnection quickly, why not book a Transformational Healing session with Cathy at info@yogadeep.com. This can be done in person or by Skype. You will begin to see what you have been holding in your Cellular Memory that was creating this behavior pattern in the first place and together we can heal it. ***

Cathy has been qualified to offer healings in Transforming Cellular Memory since 2007 by her friend & teacher Don Hanson whom she is forever grateful too. She is also a Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation teacher, for more info see www.yogadeep.com

Photo Credit: shadow by Pol Úbeda Hervàs